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Teeth Cleanings at Ryba Dentistry

When it comes to properly caring for your teeth and gums, routine dental cleanings are a must. Undergoing a professional cleaning from a dental hygienist every six months may not seem like that big of a deal, but few things can have a bigger impact on the overall condition of your smile. For this reason, Dr. Ryba and his trusted team at Ryba Dentistry is here to make your biannual cleanings as convenient and comfortable as possible in Cleveland, OH. Here's what you should know before scheduling an appointment for professional teeth cleaning at Ryba Dentistry.

Is a Professional Teeth Cleaning the Same as a Dental Exam?

Dental cleanings and dental exams are not the same thing. A dental cleaning refers to physically cleaning the patient's teeth. This is typically done by a dental hygienist. On the other hand, a dental exam refers to a thorough evaluation of the patient's teeth, gums, and other oral structures, including a review of relevant X-rays in determining the status of a patient's oral health.


What Takes Place During a Dental Cleaning?

First, a periodontal chart is recorded and reviewed alongside a patient's X-rays to determine what type of cleaning is needed. For patients with healthy gums or mild gingivitis, an above-the-gumline cleaning is appropriate. This includes:


  • Removing stains, hard-buildup (calculus), and soft deposits (plaque): Tartar and plaque are too difficult to be removed by everyday brushing and flossing at home. If left on the surface of one's teeth, however, the bacteria that causes plaque will feed on food particles, multiply, and will eventually lead to serious oral health problems, such as gum disease.

  • Flossing

  • Polishing the teeth for a clean and picture-perfect smile


How Long Does a Dental Exam Take?

Comprehensive initial dental examinations can take 15 to 60 minutes depending on how much information needs to be charted, assessed, and discussed with the patient. Periodic examinations (routine check-ups at regular six-month intervals after the initial examination) are often not as long, unless major changes to the patient's oral health have taken place over the past six months.


How Much Does a Dental Cleaning Cost?

Most dental insurance plans cover routine dental exams and cleanings every six months. Please call our office for the latest pricing information in relation to your specific dental needs.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Most patients should schedule a professional teeth cleaning every six months. However, patients with periodontal disease (gum disease) require more frequent cleanings to maintain their oral health, often scheduling a dental cleaning every three months.


Why Are Routine Dental Cleanings Important?

Routine dental cleanings are an important part of preventative dental care and maintaining a strong, healthy smile. Along with keeping your teeth and gums looking great, dental cleanings:

  • Prevent cavities and tooth decay

  • Prevent gum disease

  • Prevents tooth loss

  • Freshens breath

  • Prevents overall health problems, such as cardiovascular disease

  • Saves Money

Going to the dentist every six months may seem inconvenient, but it's well worth it in order to avoid more frequent, uncomfortable, expensive visits in the future if you don't go. Your smile is worth it!


Why You Should Choose Ryba Dentistry

Going to the dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings are a critical step in maintaining a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. For this reason, it's important to find a dentist who you feel comfortable with and can trust. At Ryba Dentistry, Dr. Ryba and his friendly staff are committed to providing thorough, compassionate care at all of your routine appointments. We are proud to provide exceptional care to patients of all ages in the Cleveland area. 


If it's been a while since you've had a dental exam and professional cleaning, don't wait another day to care for your smile!

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