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Endodontics in Cleveland, OH

The experienced dental team at Ryba Dentistry in Cleveland and Seven Hills, Ohio, ensures your root canal treatment is done professionally and comfortably. Keep reading to learn more about the diagnosis, the procedure, and the benefits of root canal therapy..

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that works with the pulp and tissues inside the roots of a tooth. What most people refer to as a “root canal” is endodontic treatment. Root canal treatments are necessary when the pulp and nerve inside a tooth become infected because of a cavity or trauma; this infection can cause severe pain.  Root canal therapy addresses this problem by removing and disinfecting the inside of the tooth chamber. The goal of root canal treatment is to save an infected tooth instead of extracting it. Most of the time, Dr. Ryba can perform a root canal in the dental office.


Root Canal Symptoms

If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your general dentist so they can determine if you may need a root canal. 

  • Your tooth hurts when you chew.

  • You experience sensitivity to hot or cold, especially if it lasts longer than usual.

  • The tooth has changed to a darker color.

  • Your gums are tender and swollen.

  • There are pimples on your gums.

Some cases may not experience these symptoms, and not all cases with symptoms require a root canal. Many dental issues go undetected, which is why it’s important to schedule your dental checkups every six months.


Endodontic Diagnosis

It's best to get an infected tooth treated right away. Typically, you’ll see your general dentist for root canal treatment, but some cases might require a referral to an endodontist. 

You will first need the dentist to examine your tooth to determine if treatment is necessary. The dentist will then let you know if you need a root canal and provide treatment plan options. Here’s what you can expect during straightforward root canal therapy:

  • The dentist first numbs the afflicted area with local anesthesia.

  • The dentist will then make a small access hole through your tooth using a rotary system and remove the infected tissues.

  • The treated area gets disinfected then backfilled, sealing off the inside of the tooth.

In some situations, we might refer you to an endodontic specialist for more complicated cases that require additional treatment. An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in root canal therapies. Examples of complex cases include teeth with multiple roots, teeth with unusual root curvature, and teeth that have undergone previous root canal therapies. 

At Ryba Dentistry, we always give you detailed instructions on caring for your teeth after any treatment we perform. Follow your instructions carefully so you do not cause further damage.

What Happens to an Untreated Root Canal?

Infections in your tooth don't heal themselves. If you leave your infected tooth untreated, you could experience severe consequences, such as an infection that spreads to other parts of your body. The only alternative to a root canal treatment is tooth extraction. Getting a root canal is the recommended treatment because it usually saves your tooth.

Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

Here are some clear benefits to getting your damaged tooth treated quickly.

  • You save your natural tooth.

  • The root canal procedure is virtually pain-free with the help of local anesthesia.

  • Root canal treatment will likely cost less and take less time than getting the tooth extracted and replaced with a denture or implant.

  • The final result looks natural and functions normally.

Root Canal Treatment Cost

The cost of root canal treatment varies because some cases are more complicated and take longer to treat. Thankfully, many insurance plans cover 80-100% of the cost of a root canal. Check with your dental insurance company for the details of your plan.

Remember, it will probably cost more the longer you put it off, so call Ryba Dentistry today.

Root Canal Treatment at Ryba Dentistry

Ryba Dentistry has two convenient office locations, one in Cleveland and the other in Seven Hills. Our root canal dentists are extensively trained in endodontic care, diagnosis and treatment.

If you are worried that you may need root canal therapy, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Ryba Dentistry will take the time to evaluate your situation and provide the right treatment plan to take care of your dental problems effectively, so you can feel better and smile wider.

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