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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for your child's smile from a young age is essential to maintaining good overall health throughout their life. Many kids are not great at articulating when something hurts or feels wrong in their mouth. For this reason, regular exams and cleanings with dental professionals are the best way to stay on top of any dental issues that may arise and help prevent problems before they occur. At Ryba Dentistry, we welcome patients of all ages, including little ones. Here's what parents should know before scheduling a pediatric dental appointment for their child with Dr. Ryba and his friendly team.


Overview of Children's Dentistry

Our office employs general dentists who are certified to treat patients of all ages. Our providers stand out with their calm demeanor, patience, and positive energy when completing a pediatric dental appointment. 


We recommend that parents bring their children in for a dental checkup between their first and second birthdays. We utilize this appointment time to familiarize the child with the office, assess dental developmental progress, complete a checkup and cleaning (if cooperative), and review home care tips with the parents. Kids always leave with prizes from the treasure chest and a toothbrush made just for them.


Our offices are designed to feel clean and minimal; tools, instruments, and dental hoses are kept out of sight and eliminate the "doctor office" feel, making for a calm and comfortable experience for the child.


After your child turns one, they should visit the dentist every six months for routine exams and cleanings. Kid’s dental care helps prevent oral health problems, including cavities, as well as teaching them good oral hygiene habits that they'll use throughout their lifetime.

What Happens at Your Children's Dentist Appointment?

During a pediatric dental visit, Dr. Ryba will check for cavities, assess dental growth and development, and give pointers to the parent and child on keeping their teeth clean. As the child's permanent teeth grow in, sealants may be placed, which are protective coatings painted in the grooves of the teeth to prevent cavities. Dental radiographs may be taken, a cleaning is performed, and fluoride varnish is applied to decrease the child's risk of developing cavities. Lastly, your child’s dentist may refer you to an orthodontist if growth or alignment issues are detected. Children may also be referred to a pediatric specialist if they have complex needs or cannot cooperate.

How Can You Prepare for Your Kid’s Dentist Appointment?

Taking the time to prepare for your child’s dental appointment can help them feel comfortable and ensure it goes smoothly. Here are some tips to prepare your child to see the dentist:

  • Keep the conversation about visiting the dentist positive. Avoid mentioning anything negative that might scare them.

  • Praise them when they brush their teeth or let you help them brush their teeth.

  • Let them see you practice good oral health habits.

  • Give them something to look forward to after their appointment, such as a trip to the park.


Kids Dental Care Cost

Most dental insurance plans cover routine pediatric dentist appointments. Please contact our office if you have questions about your dental insurance plan.


Ryba Dentistry: The Best Dental Care for the Whole Family

You should send your child to a dentist that you feel comfortable with! Specialty children’s dental offices are the right choice for some kids if they have specific behavioral or complex treatment needs. We are happy to see kids of all ages or refer your child to a pediatric office if that suits your child’s needs better. Contact us today to schedule your little one's next pediatric appointment with Dr. Ryba and his compassionate team!

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