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When Should You Go See a Dentist?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

For many people, the dentist's office is where you go only when you experience an oral health emergency, such as a broken tooth. If their teeth appear healthy and aren't causing apparent problems, they may go years without a dental exam or cleaning. While this may seem like a practical approach to caring for your teeth and gums, it's not. Visiting the dentist regularly is an important part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Here's what you need to know about going to the dentist before scheduling your next appointment with Dr. Ryba at Ryba Dentistry.

How Often Should You Be Going to the Dentist?

Even if your teeth look and feel healthy, a closer look by a dentist may prove otherwise. The American Dental Association recommends that adults and children have their teeth examined and cleaned at the dentist every six months. Regular dental check-ups allow the dentist to diagnose and treat potential dental diseases early, such as tooth decay, and take the necessary steps to prevent oral health problems, including removing plaque from the surface of your teeth.

How Does Going to the Dentist Benefit Your Overall Health?

Whether you realize it or not, oral health can significantly affect your long-term health, and visiting a dental hygienist can help. Because of this, oral health problems, such as gum disease, can lead to other complications occurring in different parts of your body, such as heart disease. This makes keeping your teeth healthy even more important. Healthy teeth and gums play a key role in overall health. Other benefits of going to the dentist include the following:

  • Preventing bad breath

  • Early detection of dental diseases

  • Prevents cavities

  • Removes plaque and tartar build-up

How Do You Know If You Need to Go to the Dentist?

If it's been longer than six months since you've had a dental exam and cleaning, it's a good idea to schedule a dentist appointment. However, if you experience any oral health issues or concerns, don't wait until your next check-up to examine it. Going to the dentist as soon as you notice an abnormality is the best way to prevent the problem from worsening. Signs that you need to go to the dentist include:

  • Severe dental pain

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Excessive bad breath

  • Swelling

  • Sores that won't heal

  • Broken or chipped teeth

  • Missing tooth or teeth

  • Changes in teeth coloring

  • Difficulty chewing

Why Should You Choose Ryba Dentistry for Your Next Dental Appointment?

If you think that preventing oral health problems from developing is complicated, think again. At Ryba Dentistry, we are proud to provide many preventive options for your dental health and teach your family how to practice good dental hygiene habits. Some of the preventative care services we offer include:

Ryba Dentistry: The Best Choice for Your Whole Family

Everyone in your family deserves to have a beautifully healthy smile. That's why Dr. Ryba and his trusted team strive to provide exceptional care in a relaxing setting using only the best materials and techniques for each patient. If you or your child are overdue for a routine dental check-up or are experiencing an oral health concern, don't wait to schedule an appointment. Practicing good oral hygiene, seeking treatment options, and scheduling regular dental cleanings are great ways to prevent future tooth problems from occurring. Contact us today to see how easy caring for your family's smiles can be!


Christopher R. Ryba, DDS

Dr. Christopher R. Ryba, an Ohio State University alum and owner of two practices in Ohio, excels in oral pathology and aesthetic dental restorations. In addition to advising the Allied Dental Health Professions Programs at Cuyahoga Community College, he demonstrates his commitment to community service through his work with the Ohio Dental Outreach. His Seven Hills and Ohio City clinics warmly welcome patients of all ages.


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